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Articles & Quick Tips

The articles below relate to topics I've found to recur in my counselling and coaching. They are provided for your personal use and you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I hope you enjoy. 

  1. The Benefits of Yoga: Yoga is perhaps the most complete system of self-maintenance the human species has come up with. Learn about a few of the benefits of this enriching art form.
  2. The Benefits of Meditation: Meditation has likely been practised throughout the span of human history. This artcle explores what meditation does, and some of the many benefits to the practitioner.
  3. Mantra Meditation: Meditatiing with a mantra is a simple and effective way to calm the mind and become centred in the present moment. This article provides simple, basic instructions for mantra meditation.
  4. Mindfulness Meditation: Meditative forms are legion and mindfulness meditation is amongst the most subtle and effective. This article provides simple instructions on how to use the natural rhythm of the breath to practice mindfulness.
    The Breath of Serenity - To breathe is to live. Breathing is so central to our survival, that our whole being is intimately linked to it. This article contains breathing exercises that can induce greater physical and emotional relaxation.
  5. Creating A Meditation Ritual: Rituals can be a means of sacred observance in themselves, but when integrated with meditation, they become a powerful avenue for creating the atmosphere and mind state conducive to the mindfulness we seek.
  6. Meditation Beads: Meditation Beads can be a terrific aid to your practice. Here’s a simply way to make a set personally meaningful to you.
  7. Seven Days for Seven Chakras: This is an exercise in personal exploration. With it, you can practice a satisfying relaxation / meditation method and perhaps learn something about yourself.
  8. Learning to Overcome Fear: Fear is an essential human emotion but it has both a bright and a dark side. Fears can steer us away from things that are realistically dangerous to us, but quite often they don't appear to do anything except limit our lives and drain our energy.
  9. Sleep Hygiene: Getting enough high quality sleep at night is a wise priority for people wanting to get the most from themselves and from life. Practicing good sleep hygiene is a key element of ensuring this.
  10. Optimizing Your Stress- Part 1: Excess stress is associated with myriad psychological and physical maladies, but so is insufficient stress. Stress or tension in the right form and amount is essential to our well being.
  11. Optimizing Your Stress- Part 2: In this Second of three articles we will focus on decreasing your stress levels through what may well be the ultimate relaxation skill and through using personal stress busters.
  12. Symptoms of Stress: Use this list of symptoms of long-term stress to identify your early warning signs.
  13. Regular exercise: It's Better Than You Thought:  Recent studies suggest that exercise might be better for you than previously thought. Here are a few guidelines that may help you establish a balanced approach.

Quick Tips

  1. Productivity Aids - Keep’m Simple: In a world where today’s cutting edge “e-wares” are tomorrow’s dinosaurs, it is sometimes important to sit back and take things in perspective.
  2. Keeping Balance in Work and Life: Here are quick tips that will help you keep your work life in balance with the rest of you.
  3. Power Nap For Better Performance & Health:  Getting enough high quality sleep at night is a wise priority for people wanting to get the most from themselves and from life. Despite our best efforts, this isn't always possible. The Solution? The Power Nap.
  4. Financial Tip: Pay Cash: Tens of millions of people in the industrialized world have amassed crippling financial debts... The cash.
  5. Career Tips: Have Some Class: Here are 8 quick tips to developing a little career class.
  6. Focussed Space:  Our immediate physical surroundings have a powerful effect on our thoughts and emotions. The difference between a space that encourages productively, one that induces relaxation, and one that feels oppressive or distracting is all in the details.
  7. Financial Health: Response-ability:  The first step to financial success is financial responsibility.
  8. Un-Clutter Your Life:  If you try to live and work in a cluttered environment, your thinking will tend to be cluttered and your life disorderly. One very quick and powerful way to improve upon your life is to get rid of the junk in it.
  9. Slow Food: Slow Food? Is that when there’s a long line at the drive through? Well, not quite, but it certainly has it’s roots in our fast food / fast life mentality.


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