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Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.”

This little book has been out in print for about eight years and is near the top of my “Best Reads.” Subtitled as “A Practical Guide To The Fulfilment Of Your Dreams,” it is essentially just that. It begins by laying a simple philosophical foundation: that your true essential nature is one of joy and abundance and that success, defined as “the ability to fulfil your desires with effortless ease,” 1 unfolds by following the spiritual laws that govern the universe. The seven chapters of the book then outline these seven laws and provide guidance for applying them to your everyday life.
There is wisdom and truth in these laws and anyone who earnestly follows them is bound to reap great benefits. Be advised, however, that the true power of the book is subtle and can only be realized by a gentle and consistent practice. Although a quick read, the book might best be viewed as a garden to be moved through slowly, taking in it’s true richness and beauty. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is available from Amber-Allen.

1. Chopra, Deepak. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. San Rafael, CA: Amber-Allen, 1994. P 2.

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Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist.”

This little jewel of literature is pure magic and is at the top of my recommended readings list. The book follows the journeys of a boy named Santiago as he struggles with finding and realizing his destiny. Written as a parable, it has a timeless and universal quality that is bound to charm, resonate with truth, and perhaps enlighten. For those who dare to dream their heart’s desires, it is a wonderful reaffirmation of that which you already know. For others, it may help to open your life to its infinite possibilities. This can be a quick read or a book to slowly ponder. I would also recommend it as a book to read to your children as they grow; it carries life lessons that are founded in the true wisdom of the ages. The Alchemist is available from Harper Collins

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Thom Hartmann’s “Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception.”

This groundbreaking book was among the first to de-pathologize Attention Deficit Disorder. ADD affects as much as 10% of the North American population and has usually been linked to underachievement, addictions, and even criminal activity. Hartmann points out, however, that it is also associated with creativity, entrepreneurial success, and effective leadership. He makes a compelling argument that what has usually been looked upon as a brain disorder is actually a normal variation of the human condition. He points out that the features of ADD have point-to-point correspondence with the qualities required of a hunter in the wild and argues that what we now label as ADD is actually the original blueprint for our species. The problems commonly associated with ADD are then seen as the failure of “hunters” to adapt to a “farmer’s” world.

The very same traits that present a challenge to hunters, however, can become powerful resources if properly channeled, and can propel the individual to success. Hartmann asserts that over 50% of successful entrepreneurs could be diagnosed as having ADD and that a sizable portion of the movers and shakers across history have been 'hunters'. Well written and filled with practical tips to help hunters capitalize on their gifts, it is a must read for anyone who believes they have ADD or who has a loved one so gifted. It is available in paperback from Underwood Books.

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Gay Hendrick’s & Kate Ludeman’s “The Corporate Mystic.”

When The Corporate Mystic was first released in 1996 it provided a compelling vision for the future of business leadership. Sufficiently ahead of the curve at the time, its message is still fresh and relevant today. The authors use the term “corporate mystic” to refer to those business leaders who who operate from a base of integrity, pursue their visions with passion and compassion, and evoke the full potential of those with whom they come in contact. They are men and women who are committed to being their full, undivided selves, and to promoting the same in others. Their key gift is the capacity to project themselves into the future, intuit a clear vision of where their organizations need to go, create a road map to get there, and inspire those they lead toward the realization of the journey.

Hendricks and Ludeman have drawn on their extensive experience in training leading executives to identify the core qualities corporate leaders need to possess to flourish in today's ever changing business environment. They then provide guidelines to help readers develop and use these qualities in their current leadership roles and private lives. The book is insightful, inspiring, and validating to those who have already become corporate mystics in their own ways. For some, it may well read as a manifesto. The Corporate Mystic: A Guidebook For Visionaries With Their Feet On The Ground was published in 1996 by Bantam.

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Roger Housden’s “Chasing Rumi.”

The best way to describe this little book is found in its subtitle: “A fable about finding the heart’s true desires.” It follows the quest of a young man, Georgiou, for something to settle a yearning in his heart that he does not even understand.

When he is touched by the poetry of the Sufi mystic Rumi, he ventures from his native Florence across the homeland of his ancestors and into Turkey, the birthplace of Rumi. Uncertain of what he is seeking, his journey takes him a place of discovery. It is there that he awakens to the transcendent power of complete surrender of the self to love. Charming and well written, Chasing Rumi will likely end up in your collection of special books to be re-read time and again. It is available from Harper Collins.

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Ken Wilber’s “A Theory Of Everything.”

Ken Wilber has become one of the world's pre-eminant thinkers in his quest to create a model that will unify all aspect of human understanding and endeavor. He is a man with a mission and his target is to promote integral thinking and the evolution of human consciousness. A Theory of Everything explains the basis of integral thinking and provides a vision of how it may apply to the areas of business, politics, science, and spirituality. If you know little of the integral perspective, I would highly recommend a little google research. If the topic interests you and you'd like a deeper exploration, then this book is a good place to start.

Wilber is an extraordinarily deep thinker and is not known for simplicity in his writing. His books are not a quick read for most of us and are not for the faint of intellect. At the same time, they are bound to stimulate thought and perhaps change the way you look at the world. A Theory of Everything: An Integral Vision For Business, Politics, Science, and Spirituality was published in 2000 by Shambala Books

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